Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lush vanillary solid perfume review

if you follow my blog, you will know that i recently purchased the lush vanillary solid perfume, which was about £6 in my local lush store. 

it was reconmended by a friend and in the shop it was the nicest one of all that i sniffed (though i was sorely tempted by imogen rose)
when you first put it on, it smells a bit wierd, i can't describe the smell, its very sweet and a bit overpowring. but after a while it starts to mellow out and becomes really quite nice. its a transitional scent, you could wear it for day or for night, though i think i would be more likely to wear it in the daytime.

what do you think of Lush Vanillary? have you tried any other lush perfumes?

Love, Lucy


  1. Ooh I haven't tried it but I have the Vanilla perfume from Body Shop which I love. It does mean I smell like a walking cake shop though, I think it's abit too strong for some people!

  2. :) I haven't actually ever bought anything from Lush, but the solid perfumes seem cool!

  3. @CupcakeGirl, but isn't smelling like a cake shop exactly why we like it?! its like a sugar hit on your wrist...

    @vintage makeup there is a lot to be said for lush, but some stuff is crazy overpriced. i'm such a lover of solid perfume; they last so much longer than sprays and you can chuck them in your bag without worrying!