Friday, 18 February 2011

Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat

yeaterday i decided i really needed to get my hands on a decent top coat, so off i went to boots in search of sally hansens mega shine, which was recconmended by Fleur on her youtube channel in her august faves i think.

they happen to be buy one get one half price in boots at the moment, so i also picked up the insta-dri topcoat for when i'm in a rush.

i tried the megashine topcoat lasdt night, i and i have to say, i'm really impressed. the idea seems similar to seche vite in that you paint it on while your polish is wet (though you can use it dry too) and it dries quite quickly. it stays squidgy like most polish for a while, but it wouldnt be marked by a finger print, one if you dug your nail in. by morning it seems really stong and sturdy, and my nails feel well protected.

will keep you posted on how the insta-dri works, but i havent tried it yet!

have you tried any of the sally hansen range? what do you think of them?

Lucy xx

Disclaimer: these products were bought by me with my own money. photos taken from boots website.


  1. I haven't tried these, but I don't think I've found a topcoat/clear nail polish that I haven't liked. :)

  2. Vintage Makeup, the mega shine is the BEST topcoat i've ever tried. i had alwaysbeen kinda neutral and unwilling to spend lots on a clear polish, but i'm about to post pictures of my nails after nine days of wear with this stuff, and they are pretty impressive! and it just makes your nails SOOO smooth, any ridges, imperfections... BAM, they are gone!