Thursday, 24 February 2011

Beach waves, Quick! (Picture Heavy)

ok, so this is my first tutorial and the first pictures i'm posting of my face! eek... please excuse the fresh out of the shower, no makeup look!

ok, so this is basically an age old trick for getting wavy hair. put it in plaits and go to bed right? i used to do this all the time, but the problem is, i like to wash my hair every morning, and having it in plaits means i can't! soooo i like to do this instead.

start with relatively dry hair, prep it with heat protectant and any styling produts you like to use, like mousee or gel. personally i dont like to use these things but i do LOVE beadhead cocky which is volumising and heat protecting, so thats what ive used here before blowdrying.
section your hair from ear to ear, and clip the top half out of the way. split the bottom section in half and secure one side with something.

start plaiting th section you have left, which should be a quarter of your hair. i do quarters bcause i have thin  hair, but if you have thicker hair you might want to do more sections. the bogger your sections, the looser your waves will be.

secure the end of the plait and start on the other side. once you have done the whole bottom half, unclip the top half and split it in two, and plait both sections. you should have 4 plaits.
grab your straighteners, and clamp them down hard on the top of one of the braids.

slowly move them down the braid (i wouldn't recommend sliding them down it, unclamp and then clamp again slightly lower). do this for all the braids

undo the braids, and losen the waves slighly with your fingers

spritz with a little bit of dry shampoo to mattify and mess it up a bit. volumising powder is better for this but is waaay more expensive than good ol' batiste!

once you've done that, style as desired!

Lucy, xx

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