Friday, 24 June 2011

Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag?

hey girls, so it's no secret that i'm going travelling at the beginning of next month, but before i go off on my volunteering trip, i'm going on a family holiday to Turkey, where i will be staying on a yacht.

i am hoping hat this trip will be a little more glamourous than my volunteering trip, so i will be bringing a few cosmetics items. below is a photo of everything laid out, with brushes ad tools in the top left, face products in the top right, eyes in the bottom left and lips in the bottom right. it looks like a lot but it all fits into a fairly small makeup bag (minus my ELF HD powder whihc comes in a huge box)

please click for a larger image!!

ok, so going from left to right, top to bottom we have:

the eco tools foundation brush (which i use to apply my white Barry M foundation creme as a base to my actual founation)
eco tools finishing kabuki (which i use for my 'actual' bobbi brown foundation)
a crease brush from my fraulien 38 brush roll
a retractable lip brush fro the same brush roll
a No7 'precision eyeliner brush' which i use for my brows
a generic flat shader brush
a No7 eyeshadow blendng brush from a setat christmas a whle ago
NYC eyelash curlers

Bobbi brown foundation SPF 15 in shade 0, Porcelain
Barry M Foundation creme in White
Bobbi brown Pot Rouge in shade 21, Cabo Coral (makes a nice lip colour too)
Ruby and Millie cheek colour in C33, Orange (but its actually red and doubles as a nice matte lip colour)
ELF HD Powder

Rimmel colour mousse in 006, Get Fresh
Ruby and Millie eye base
Max factor Smokey eye effect eyeshadow in Bronze Haze
Collection 2000 eXtreme 24 hour felt tip liner in Black
GOSH eyeliner pencil in Black
Max Factor False lash effect fusion; volume and length mascara in Black
Sleek Storm Palette

Ruby and Millie lip gloss in Clear
17 mirror shine lipstic in shade Plum Perfection
and Nivea sooth and protect lip balm with SPF 12

so thats my travel makep bag! too much? what's in YOURS?

all packed and ready to go!

Love, Lucy xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Follow my adventures in Uganda!

hey lovelies!

some of you may know, but next moneth i'm going to Uganda to work in a primary school for 2 months.

if you want to follow my journey and keep up with what i'm doing, check out my uganda blog at

love you all! xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lush Collection / Beautiful new storage solution

hey ladies, today i have an exciting new item to share with you!!

i go this idea from gemsmaquillage over on youtube (i think!!), and i thought it was a really cute storage solution. i love lush and i use their trichomania solid shampoo every day, but the problem comes when i get out of the shower, and the bar is all soggy and wet. when left to dry out again it resolidifies but i hate leaving it out on my bathroom shelf as it makes it sticky and not much air can get around it.

i beautiful vintage cake stand seemed the perfect solution, and today i found the perfect one!

so here is a top view of all of my lush products that i own. i'm gonna do my best to name them, starting with the tins at the top and going clockwise.

tin: fairtrade foot lotion
tin: ultralight sunscreen
pink swirly: the comforter bubble bar
white blocks: trichomania solid shampoo
purple disc: jumping juniper solid shampoo bar
green disc: karma komba solid shampoo bar
minty green foot: stepping stone foot scrub
pinky heart: silk stockings solid body tint
black pot: r&b conditioner sample
white hexagon: mange too massage bar
white heart: soft coeur massage bar
orangey chunk: skinny dip body butter (discontinued)
green tab: token to the forest gods sauna tab
big pink block: rockstar soap
small pink block: a rong of roses soap
yellow ball: honey bee bath ballistic
beige slice: buffy body butter
purple ball: sex bomb bath balistic

so thats my collection. what's YOUR favourite lush product?

love, lucy xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Do you tweet?

hey girlies!

today, i finally took the plunge and got twitter, and i have to say, i now realise what the fuss was about. i love it!!

but i have no followers. so, if you'd like to follow me, it'd be much appreicated! i'm lucylovesbeauty.

also, i'm looking for a new handbag, for daytime, good quality. i have about £150 to spend.

and i need a lip scrub! any recconmendations?