Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lush Body Butter

i have had a lush body butter, called skinny dip, in my bathroom for AGES and i have never really used it, as when i was given a demo in the store in covent garden where i bought it, it seemed a bit wierd that you were meant to grab a chunk and squish it up with water; it seemed like waaay too much effort

but anyway, today after a long days shopping in ikea and reinstalling my sister at uni, i decided to give it a go. i'm pretty bad at moisturising my skin, my face i do every day, but the rest of me never really gets a look in! so anyway, i looked online and everyone seemed to be advocating just rubbing the bar over your skin, which suited me much better. it was actually a really nice experience, which i wasnt expecting. the bar massages your legs and it feels really nice, though i think its meant to be exfoliating and had some sand-like grains in it, which i could have done without.

my legs get extremely dry and nothing seems to keep them moisturised for more than 10 mins, so we shall see how long this last for!

Lucy xx

Saturday, 29 January 2011

GOSH premium gift set

so in my last post i mentioned how i had bought a gift set from GOSH cosmetics on sale for £10. i think it was originally £20.
here is a picture of it and its contents:
the set contains; GOSH velvet touch foundation primer, GOSH trio eyeshadow in TR2 smoky, GOSH velvet touch eyeliner in black ink, and ON STAGE cool lip jam in shade 107.

when i was eyeing this up, the main thing i was interested in was the foundation primer. i have never been a big one for foundation primers, though i love Benefit's 'That Gal', its a completely different concept to this. i went back to the GOSH stand for a quick check, and yep, the primer on its own was more expensive than the cut price gift set. that sealed it, i had to have it!the extras it came with looked nice enough, and i was pleasantly surprised when i got into the box.

the primer is a clear gel in a pump bottle. this is what it looks like straight out of the bottle
when i worked this onto the back of my hand, it came off feeling a little greasy, but as soon as i put it on my face i was really happy with it, it felt really nice, but not greasy at all, and it provided a really nice base for my foundation, and made it last for EVER! so i really like this primer, but i havent been using it for long enough to know if it will do any damage to my skin, like causing breakouts or anything, but so far so good, and if its going to react, my skin usually lets me know STRAIGHT away.

so onto the other stuff included in  the set.  the little eyeshadow trio is nice, though i dont think i would use the colours together like they suggest.

the top line of swatches shows one swipe with my finger in the pan, then onto my hand, the bottom row is done with a brush. the only wierd thing about these is that they kinda ball up. its really hard to describe, but if you click the picture to make it big, you will see some ugly dark chunks on the top line of swatches especially, and its like the powder stuck together to make like a paste, so when it was rubbed onto my hand it formed little sausages and balls of product. weird, but not really a problem when i used a brush.

next things in the box were a gloss or 'lip jam' and an eyeliner. the eyliner is actually a really nice, soft, smooth formula, and i will definitely get a lot of use out of it as it's black. the lip jam is a nice consistency too, but with a rather strong bubblegum scent. it does have menthol and causes a bit of a tingle, which i personally like, but if you hate that sensation then this might not be a good product for you.

so its an overall thumbs up for my bargain gift set left over form christmas. i really do think these are one of the few things worth buying in the january sales.

what do you think of foundation primers? do you like shopping the sales?

Lucy xx

Disclaimer; i bought this product myself with my own money

bargainous beauty haul

hey guys!
yesterday i indulged in a bit of spontaneous retail therapy, and i came back with a bit more than i expected to!

 this is everything i got all laid out. from top to bottom, left to right, there is: GOSH cosmetics gift set (there doesnt appear to be a name for this specific set) £10 from superdrug sale, cottontails quilted oval cotton wool pads, £1 form savers. i dont know why, but these are the only type of cotton wool pads i like to use!! elegant touch gold nail polish stickers, about £3 from savers, icare moisturising eye drops £2 from savers, sleek cosmetics storm palette, sleek cosmetics original palette, both £6.49, superdrug, lush vanillary solid perfume, £6, Barry M nail paints in pure turquoise 295, pink irridescent 264, and dusky mauve 313, all £2.99 from superdrug. GOSH nail laquer in holographic £2.49 from superdrug (half price)

this is the inside of the storm palette, which i am in LOVE with! review and EOTD to follow :)
what do you think of what i got? have you tried any og these products? would you like to see reviews of anything?

Lucy xx

Disclaimer: these products were all purchased by me with my own money

Elf Haul!!

hey guys, today i decided to do a somewhat belated elf haul. i originally made a video for my youtube channel on this, but i am persistently having trouble uploading to youtube and i have kinda given up on it before it even really got going. so i recieved this a couple of weeks ago but havent used much of it because i wanted to do a haul and reveiws of it all. so lets get started!

everything was ordered on the saturday and it arrived on the thursday, though the delivery may have been slowed down by me messing up the order and having to change it! it all arrived in this box;
it was nicely arranged in the box with some bubble wrap, and nothing was broken (though i didnt order anything pressed powder-y)
i ordered 18 items, which are as follows;
elf shimmering facial whip in spotlight
elf shimmering facial whip in persimmon
elf lipstick in voodoo
elf super glossy lipshine SPF15 in juiced berry
elf super glossy lipshine SPF15 in iced latte
elf nourishing cuticle pen with avocado and almond oil
elf waterproof eyeliner pen in black
elf eyelid primer
elf theraputic conitioning balm in vanilla creme
elf Zit zapper
elf studio high definition powder
elf nail polish in smoky brown

i also got the all over coloursticks in all of the colours;
lilac petal
pink lemonade
warm peach
and spotlight

here is everything all laid out on my bed. click the pictures to enlarge, andlet me know what you want to see reviews and tutorials with!

have you ordered from ELF? what do you think of their products?

Lucy xx

Disclaimer: I bought all of these products myself with my own money.

First Post; GOSH holographic nail polish find!!

hi everybody! i'm super excited to be posting my first blog post today, and its about something i'm so VERY excited about!

ok, so i only very recently discovered the beauty of holographic nail polishes. i am desperate to get my hands on some of the china glaze OMG collection, but i think i may have to wait a little longer untill they apprear online at a slightly reduced price. anyway, so i found out about gosh holographic, and i was very excited about it, but had seen on other blogs that it was very difficult to get hold of. a quick google search saw them selling on ebay for £16 a bottle plus postage! so you can imagine my surprise, at walking into superdrug in southampton and finding this!

i immediately had to do my nails with it, though i omitted to use top and base coat because i have heard that it doesnt agree with the holographic finish, so my nails look a bit raggedy! below are some swatches but i found this very dificult to photograph, a quick google search will reveal much better swatches than mine!

as i said, please excuse the dodgy mani, it was a bit of a rushed job!the polish its self is a bit difficult to apply, i needed 2 coats and 3 on  se of my nails. i think i next time will experimen with top and base coats, becuse the annoying ridges of my nails kinda ruined the finish, but i love this colour!

i still havent told you the best part. not only did they HAVE the polish i wanted (granted, it was the last bottle) but it was also half price, so i got it for £2.50! bargain!

Have you tried this polish? what do you think of GOSH in general?

Lucy xx