Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lush Body Butter

i have had a lush body butter, called skinny dip, in my bathroom for AGES and i have never really used it, as when i was given a demo in the store in covent garden where i bought it, it seemed a bit wierd that you were meant to grab a chunk and squish it up with water; it seemed like waaay too much effort

but anyway, today after a long days shopping in ikea and reinstalling my sister at uni, i decided to give it a go. i'm pretty bad at moisturising my skin, my face i do every day, but the rest of me never really gets a look in! so anyway, i looked online and everyone seemed to be advocating just rubbing the bar over your skin, which suited me much better. it was actually a really nice experience, which i wasnt expecting. the bar massages your legs and it feels really nice, though i think its meant to be exfoliating and had some sand-like grains in it, which i could have done without.

my legs get extremely dry and nothing seems to keep them moisturised for more than 10 mins, so we shall see how long this last for!

Lucy xx

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  1. I might try this out. Cute blog Lucy.