Saturday, 29 January 2011

GOSH premium gift set

so in my last post i mentioned how i had bought a gift set from GOSH cosmetics on sale for £10. i think it was originally £20.
here is a picture of it and its contents:
the set contains; GOSH velvet touch foundation primer, GOSH trio eyeshadow in TR2 smoky, GOSH velvet touch eyeliner in black ink, and ON STAGE cool lip jam in shade 107.

when i was eyeing this up, the main thing i was interested in was the foundation primer. i have never been a big one for foundation primers, though i love Benefit's 'That Gal', its a completely different concept to this. i went back to the GOSH stand for a quick check, and yep, the primer on its own was more expensive than the cut price gift set. that sealed it, i had to have it!the extras it came with looked nice enough, and i was pleasantly surprised when i got into the box.

the primer is a clear gel in a pump bottle. this is what it looks like straight out of the bottle
when i worked this onto the back of my hand, it came off feeling a little greasy, but as soon as i put it on my face i was really happy with it, it felt really nice, but not greasy at all, and it provided a really nice base for my foundation, and made it last for EVER! so i really like this primer, but i havent been using it for long enough to know if it will do any damage to my skin, like causing breakouts or anything, but so far so good, and if its going to react, my skin usually lets me know STRAIGHT away.

so onto the other stuff included in  the set.  the little eyeshadow trio is nice, though i dont think i would use the colours together like they suggest.

the top line of swatches shows one swipe with my finger in the pan, then onto my hand, the bottom row is done with a brush. the only wierd thing about these is that they kinda ball up. its really hard to describe, but if you click the picture to make it big, you will see some ugly dark chunks on the top line of swatches especially, and its like the powder stuck together to make like a paste, so when it was rubbed onto my hand it formed little sausages and balls of product. weird, but not really a problem when i used a brush.

next things in the box were a gloss or 'lip jam' and an eyeliner. the eyliner is actually a really nice, soft, smooth formula, and i will definitely get a lot of use out of it as it's black. the lip jam is a nice consistency too, but with a rather strong bubblegum scent. it does have menthol and causes a bit of a tingle, which i personally like, but if you hate that sensation then this might not be a good product for you.

so its an overall thumbs up for my bargain gift set left over form christmas. i really do think these are one of the few things worth buying in the january sales.

what do you think of foundation primers? do you like shopping the sales?

Lucy xx

Disclaimer; i bought this product myself with my own money

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