Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sally Hansen Mega Shine 9 days later!

hey guys, today i have some pictures for you of my nails after nine, i repeat NINE days of wear with the sally ansen mega shine topcoat. they are obviously not perfect, but the chips have only appeared in the last day or two, and they are mainly my fault. any nail tech will tell you that in order to look after your manicure (and nails in general!) you mustn't use your nails as tools. well, i do that. quite a lot. and all of the wear to my nails has been because of it, so bear that in mind!

the top one is my left hand and the bottom is my right hand (i'm right handed, so that one gets more wear!) please please please excuse the horribe cuticles, they are in such a state right now and i had just got out of the shower when i took these pics so my fingers were all shriveled and gross.

the shade of polish i'm waring is my new fave, its by Barry M and its called Red Black and its number 115. its such a gorgeous shade, almost blood coloured, not bright at all, a really deep dark red... i love it so much!

what do you think of Barry M polishes? Whats your favourite shade?

Lucy, xx

Disclaimer: these products were  bought by me with my own money


  1. Wow nine days, that's great.

    I haven't tried the Barry M polishes. :)

  2. i love them! they have such a great range of colours, and they arent very expensive at £2.99 each
    Lucy, xx