Thursday, 24 February 2011

Casual Fat Plait

ok, so this is a follow on from my beach waves tuorial, which this uses as a base style.

strt with your beachy waves. use my technique or any other, as long as your hair has some texture!
roughly gather your hair on one side and split it into two sections. keep some small wispy bits at the front to frame your face.

start the fishtail plait. take a small setion from the outside of one of the large bunches, and add it to the inside of the other one. repeat each side untill you run out of hair.
i'm really bad at explaining how to do this, but just have a go, and if your really cant make sense of my instructions then there are lots of tutorials for fishtails on youtube!

tug at the finished braid to make it really fat and messy. you can use a tail comb to pull out random strands if you want, or just use your fingers.
use some grips or clips to secure any loose strands at the back
And you're done!

click on any of the pictures to view full size

Lucy xx

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