Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Nail Polish Crush!

i know i've been neglcting my blog recently, and for that i apologise, but i have been supremely busy, as exams are coming up and deadlines have been flying thick and fast.

anyway, i have a new resolve to post more often, and i have a wonderful new nail polish to tell you about!!

i am in LOVE with this polish. it is at the lower end of the price scale, at £2.99, so the quality isn't fantastic (it would chip without a decent topcoat) but its fine with a topcoat, which i use automatically anyway.
ok, so its from Barry M, which is availible in boots and superdrug in the UK, but it is availible online from the Barry M website in The States. it is called Navy, and it is basically just that. a deep navy blue, with some thice shimmery reflective particles in it which make it really shiny. in some lights it looks black, but i photographed it using a macro light to mimic the effect of sunlight.

so here it is, and here is the bottom of the bottle with the shade number for reference :)

what do you think of this polish? have you tried any of the Barry M polishes yourself? do you like them?

Lucy xx


  1. I haven't tried these, but I own a color very similar to that one! :)

  2. Hello :) I'm a new blogger and I'm just posting because I've been looking for a navy colour without too much glitter in for ages!

    I really like the colour :)

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