Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Recent Empties

I have never done a post like this before, but I'm always interested to see what other bloggers are using or have used up, and whether they would repurchase or not, so here goes!

First up is my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in shade 0, Porcelain (£29, here). when I first bought this foundation I was delighted simply because I had found a foundation that was pale enough to be a true match. However, it really wasn't all that appropriate for my skintype (as mentioned in my foundation routine post, here) and was transferring and smudging in my T-zone area after only a couple of hours wear. I began using it as a base for apowde foundation, which was marginally more successful and so I have used it up. I would not repurchase this formulation again but I would definitely purchase another formula from the same brand, as i think they are great quality and you can't fault the shade range.

Next is my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 1, light. (£4.19, here) As you might know this is my asolute HG concealer and I already have a new one on standby.

The nail polish remover is something of a staple for me and I buy it regularly. This particular one actually came from Poundland and was really great because it had a flip-top cap with a very small opening, which meant that you didnt loose anywhere near as much through evaporation when it was open, and it was easy to open with one hand (great for when using the foil method of removing glitters!) unfortunately I havent been able to get another bottle of this from Poundland, but I have managed to track some down on Amazon, for the princely sum of £4.38! It's not as good value as Poundland, but it's still a very effective nail plish remover. You can find it here.

MAC Brush Cleanser (£8.50, here). This was my first bottle and I already have a backup ready to take it's place (actually I've had it for weeks!) it lasted much longer than I expected and I've found it really effective.

Lastly is this little sample-sized pot of Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream (Full size £9.00, here)  by The Body Shop. I got this in a little sample set with 3 other products from the seaweed line ages ago, and only recently got around to trying it. I LOVE this, it moisturised my skin without leaving it oily, and contains dimethicone so it also makes a great primer. The little pot also lasted quite a while but it's now completely exhausted. Unfortunately this has been out of stock in the five, yes FIVE stores I have been to, and is out of stock online too! Please, The Body Shop, get this back in stock!! I need it in my life!


  1. what do you think of bobbi brown foundations?

    1. I think they are great quality, and if your budget allows, they are a good way to go. make sure that you get a sample pot first though, to mkae sure you've chosen the right formula for your skin. xxx