Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Current Things i'm lusting over...

With christmas coming up, i wanted to do a little post talking about what i'm currently lusting over, and somethings that i'm hoping might appear in my stocking!!

  • The first thing I would really love to recieve this christmas is a subscription to Glossybox. i have seen so many posts on them recently and while at first i thought that it was a lot of money for samples you could usually get for free, having read reviews i'm desperate to get my hot and stickies on one!!
  • A ticket to London IMATS. ive never been, and this is the number one thing i want to do next year, even before going to India.
  • M.A.C. i dont actually own anything from MAC, despite an attempt to purchase one of their foundations (post here) and i particularly want to try some of their brushes and lipsticks. an essential brush that is missing from my kit is a fluffy round brush, so i'll be asking for one of those!

  • A brush kit. while i have quite a selection of brushes, i don't have any high quality brushes and i would sell my granny for this set from sigma. (not literally, granny, but i do REALLY want them!)
  • an oversized locket. a beautiful antique one would be amazing, but this particular one is lovely too and is actually from Argos.
  • the Let it Snow! collection from China Glaze. specifically blue years eve, glittering garland, ring in the red, snow globe and tinsel town. over on Scrangie there are some brilliant swatches which really showcase how beautiful these shades are.

  • i'm running out of my beyonce Heat perfume, so i'm after a new bottle of that, and i got a sample of her new scent, Pulse, and i'm in love with it, so i would love to recieve one of those too!
  • my benefit Something about Sofia (along with beyonce heat) is my signature scent but because the bottle is opaque, i don't know if it's running out! i think it is though, so this is on my list of stuff to buy as soon as i have money!
Sony SAL30M28 Macro lens - 30 mm - F/2.8 - Minolta A-type
a non-beauty related thing on my lust list is a macro len for my camera. i have the Sony Alpha A500 (can't reccomend it enough!) which i love, but the lenses i have don't allow me to get very close up, which is the style of photography i enjoy the most. as a bonus, this is one of the cheapest lenses made my sony i have seen!

the last (and slightly wierd) thing on my list is a pizza tray! when i was living at home i cooked a lot but i was used to having a very well stocked kitchen with lots of gadgets, 2 ovens and 7 hob plates! since moving to uni i have had to adjust to having little equipment, an electric hob (nightmare!!) and a small crappy oven. one of the things i didnt think of when i was buying my kitchen stuff was a pizza tray and i have to regularly borrow my flatmates one, which he is starting to get fed up with! 

what's on YOUR lust list at the moment? was there anything you forgot to bring to uni?


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