Tuesday, 18 October 2011

an unusual fashion piece!

hey ladies, i'm so sorry that i messed up on my schedule before i even started it, but i ended up having to rush off to liverpool to see a family member at short notice. i hope you guys dont mind!

basically, i want to talk to you guys today about all in ones. they quite often get called onesies, but i really hate that word! they have become increasingly popular recently, with high street brands such as primark selling them, and higher end brands like jack wills and Onepiece selling them too.

Onepiece is a dedicated brand which sells only these garments, and i'm lucky enough to own one of them. i feel as if a onesie is something you might quietly admit that you own, but onepiece are really a different brand, making items which are designed to be worn outside the comfort of your own bedroom.

when i first saw them, i thought they were incredibly cool, which is an odd thing to think about what is basically an oversized babygro. onepieces are quite expensive but i absolutely love mine, though i didn't pay for it, i recieved it as a gift from my aunt!

the Onepiece has recently been spotted on tooons of celebs such as:

Justin Bieber

Ellie Goulding

Henry Holland (who appears to have several!)

and One Directions Naill Horen, though all of the boys from One Direction have them!

that is just a small sample of celebs who have them taken from the Onepiece website. basically i want to know what side of the fence people are on. are they acceptable for popping out to buy your milk and bread? or walking your dog (as sadie frost was papped doing in a purple one?)

here is a horrendous snap of me in mine, just to show what it looks like.
what side of the fence are YOU on?? would you be seen dead in one of these?

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