Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lucy on a schedule?! (and NOTD)

hey ladies!! i'm so sorry i've been so scatty recently, but i am back on the straight and narrow now and will be blogging on a scedule! i don't have lectures on mondays, wednesdays or fridays, so basically, i will be posting at least twice a week on two of those days.

i was going to designate it to mondays and fridays as wednesday is when me and my flatmate danni are both off uni and go on a wednesday adventure, into the streets of london. thing is, i thought i might actually want to blog about that! and seeing as our wednesday adventures quite often end up as days out shopping, they could make a good feature!

i was also going to say i would do one particular type of post on a particular day, eg a makeup tutorial on a monday but i thought that could end up a bit clinical. what do you think?

as this post is a little un-beauty related, i thought i'd leave you with a snap of my futuristic nails!

these were done using boots 17 magnetized nail polish (£5.99, but currently on promotion at £4.99) in the green shade. as far as i can tell they dont have shade names (dont they realise we hate that?!), so its just 'the green one'

hope y'all liked! have you tried magnetic nails??

Love, Lucy xx

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