Saturday, 23 April 2011

Still a MAC Virgin...

i had a rather tiring day today, but i went out, onto the streets of London, all ready to pop my MAC cherry. At the counter in brixton, a lovely (and very pale) guy spoke to me about the different foundation options, as this was what i was looking for. Having tried the two palest shades, neither was pale enough for my skin, so he recconmended MAC face and body in N1 or in white, but that is only availible in dedicated MAC stores and at selfridges.

Dutifully, we trekked off to oxford street (on a bank holiday satudrday!!), and found the MAC counter in selfridges. The counter was jam packed with people, and it was difficult to get near to the products. The shade i was looking for was nowhere to be found, so after a great deal of effort i asked a member of staff if it was availible. He looked more than a little irritated and got me a brand new bottle in its box. I was a little bemused by this; was i supposed to just purchase this or was it to be used as a tester? He was on the other side of the stand i was at in deep conversation with another member of the MAC team, so i tentatively asked if i could try it. He looked at me like i had 3 heads and said that i could, and then went straight back to his conversation.

i was a little put out; when i asked if i could try it, i was expecting him to get a brush and put it on my face so i could see if the shade matched. when i wasn't satisfied with what he said, he roused himself from his conversation again, and i said 'um, with a brush maybe?' and the swift reply came 'i dont lend my brushes.' i was a little confused, but since it was a virgin bottle i decided i would just apply it to my face using my fingers and see what the colour match was like. It didnt match, so i had to enquire AGAIN about the product in white. I was simply told that they didn't stock that colour, and he walked off.

In contrast to this, i headed over to the Bobbi Brown counter, where a lovely lady named Daniella Curtis perfectly matched my skintone with a foundation, was really enthusiastic and nice, and seemed to really care that i got the right products for me. Because of this, i bought a Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 (in shade 0, Porcelain if you're interested) and also a gorgeous blush/ lip colour Pot Rouge in shade 21, Cabo Coral. She also completely finished my face so i didnt have to walk out of the store looking like i just put my foundation on and forgot about the rest of my face.

I really really wanted to like MAC, but it seemed that as the counter was so busy and they are so popular, they are a little above themselves, and didn't really care if i bought anything or not, as they know another customer will be along soon. That is not something i expect from a high end brand that costs top dollar, so in future, i think i'll stick to Bobbi Brown!

Whats YOUR experience with MAC makeup counters been like?

Lucy, xx


  1. My first experience with MAC was terrible, I wanted to try the Select Moisturecover Concealer, so the lady put it on me all the while talking to some other woman, POKED ME IN THE EYE WITH TONS OF CONCEALER, and DIDN'T NOTICE, and acted surprised when I didn't want to buy the concealer.

  2. wow, that is bad. i have emailed them, saying how unhappy i am with the service i recieved, and i will be interested to see what they have to say about it. i've also emailed bobbi brown to say how i delighted i was with their service

  3. It's good that you're letting them know maybe something can be done.

    I have gone back to MAC since though, and there were different ladies, much nicer!

  4. Yeah I find MAC pretty snobby. They did my foundation once but didn't offer to do anything else and weren't very helpful. In contrast I've had excellent service from Estee Lauder and Urban Decay.