Wednesday, 27 April 2011

London Calling...

Hey guys! today i bring to you my haul of some of the stuff i bought in london. it's not all beauty related, and its a relatively small haul, but i'm excited about everything!!

ok, so first off my sister and i went to brixton market, where we were trying to track down the delicious (and alledgedly good for the skin) mangosteen fruit. we were entirely unsuccesful in our quest for exotic fruit, and found no mangosteens, and bought a breadfruit by mistake thinking it was a guanabana. for pure comedy value, this is what i bought at Brixton market.

 i know its immature, but i just saw it and thought it was so funny! Cock soup will be going straight on my notice board this evening.

having found no fruit we went to a department store (which i can't remember the name of! sorry...) where i visited topshop, and bought a bargain jumper. it was in the sale down to £10, but i used my student discount which took it down to £9, and then i found an old giftcard in my purse whihc took it down to £4.70! awsome. here it is from the back, as it has the slit up the ba ck, i thought it would be best to show it that way.

its a very sheer knit, and it looks amazing with denim shorts and a white vest with gladiator sandals - great for festivals!!

also in this department store was a MAC counter, whihc i visited looking for a foundation. as detailed in the post below i was unsuccesful, which drove us to visit selfridges, where i went to the Bobbi Brown counter...

Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips in shade 21, Cabo Coral and...

Skin Foundation SPF 15 in shade 0, Porcelain.
SO excited about this foundation!! it actually matches my skin and it looks nice and not cakey at all. although the pump is leaking, so i need to switch it for another bottle.

and finally, the selfridges icing on the cake, i went up to the food hall for a quick scout around and i found...
MANGOSTEENS!!! as expected, they were completely delicious, (and apparently good for your skin), so if you're in selfridges food hall, i urge you to try them!

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Never heard of mangosteens! They look cool, great haul. :)