Monday, 18 April 2011

Girls, I Need Your Suggestions!

this is a little different, but this is something close to my heart.on July 11th, i'm going to Uganda for 8 weeks to work in a primary school as a volunteer teacher.

I am flying with BA and while their luggage allowance is ok (23kg, or 32 if you pay £40), i will be wanting to bring as much play and school equipment as physically possible, so my own stuff is going to have to be kept to a minimum. as i'm staying for so long, obviously i will be wasing my clothes so that is not such a worry, but cosmetic items cannot really be replaced once they run out.

this means that i'm looking for small and lightwieght versions of the essentials. I will be bringing a very small makeup bag just in case we go on any nights our or something (there will be other young volunteers there too!) but otherwise, it's simply essentials.

last year i did a trip to Tanzania for just 12 days and i brought SO much pointless stuff, but there were also some things i really missed (like a nail brush as i was working on a building site!)

so, i need your help. alternative, smaller, lighter essential toiletries and cosmetics???

just to get you inspired, and because i hate a post with no photo, here are some pictures of me in Tanzania last year at an orphanage called Upendo (Love)

Lucy, xx

P.S i will be creating a Uganda blog, updates on that to come if you want to follow my journey! xx


  1. For smaller toiletries just purchase some small plastic bottles, and you can pour your shampoo & conditioner etc in them! :)

  2. yes, but the problem is, these things have to last for 8 weeks, so small bottles arent really going to work, as i'm staying in the back of beyond, (think no running water) it wont be easier to buy more. i'm thinking of thinks like lush solid shampoo bars, though i thinki will be bringing small bottles of moisturiser and stuff.


  3. Batiste dry shampoo is a must have and you can get spray in conditioner, I use l'oreal x

  4. ooh thanks, thats a really good idea :) x