Monday, 18 April 2011

Going Silicone Free!!

hey ladies, so let me first start with an apology for my long absence from blogging. to make up for this, you are getting two posts in one day!

recently i have been trying hard to improve the condition of my hair, as i suffer with dry split ends, and i'm trying to grow it out.

in order to do this, i decided that the first thing i had to do was go on a silicone free diet, so i have switched to a lush shampoo bar and tresamme naturals silicone free conditioner. i have been using the shampoo bar for a while but i only got the conditioner yesterday, so here are my first impressions.

Lush shampoo bar in Jumping Juniper
this bar is supposed to be clarifying, and is aimed at oily hair. since that isn't really a problem for me, and i'm actually trying to combat dryness, its not the perfect choice but its what i had and it seems to be working fine.
on the website an din the catalog they recconmend that you rub the bar on your wet hair, but i personally don't do this, i rub the bar between my hands and then run them through my hair. it lathers wonderfully, (that'll be the sodium laurel sulphate then) but i have to say i am conscious that because of the lack of silicone it can make your hair feel a little straw like when in the shower because there is nothing to make the hairs slide over eachother, so i dont so much rub all of my hair together, but try to keep it running straight down by back, and keep smoothing the shampoo through my hair.
i like this shampoo though you have to be a little more careful than with ordinary shampoo, and i wish it didnt contain SLS, but its the best i can find at the moment.
TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
i only purchased this yesterday, but i used it to wash my hair a couple of hours ago. it's nice as a conditioner, and unlike the shampoo, i don't really miss the silicone in this prodcut. it is a little less slippery than the ordinary conditioners from this brand, but it still feels conditioning and detangling. full review on this to follow when i have had a little more experience on it.
finally, here is a picture of my fine self thismorning after having washed my hair with these products and blasting with a hairdryer. oddly, it actually seems to have more body than usual, which i didnt expect!!
excuse the crappy iphone camera picture!!
whats YOUR haircare routine?

Lucy, xxx


  1. I don't really have a haircare routine, I've just been using lots of different shampoo samples!

  2. i wish i had samples to play with!! i dont normally have much of a routine either, but i've decided my hair needs some lovin', so i've been trying to look after it! i just found a silicone free all natural organic treatment as well - coconut oil. i'll let you know how it goes! xx