Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Storage Issue....

While I was at Uni last year, I had the unexpected luxury of loads of storage space. I also had an enormous desk, which ran half the length of the room, which meant that I could have my makeup set up at one end, my TV at the other and still have enough space in the middle for all of my stationary and uni work stuff.

I had Perspex cups for my brushes and pencils, a letter organiser for my palettes, and a brilliant setup with my airbrush system, with the compressor stored on a shelf above the desk, with the hose and gun coming down only when I needed it. It was perfect. Even though the majority of my products were stored in the drawers under the desk, (in easy reach) they were just thrown in drawer organisers and at the time I didn't feel they were that well organised. How wrong I was!

Having spent several weeks looking for somewhere new to live for my second year of university, I have realised that I will probably never have such good storage opportunities again, and this led me to look for a better solution.

I've spent all morning trawling the net for big train cases, that not only would allow me to transport my collection very easily, but that I could also work out of, storing my makeup in it all the time, but easily accessing products I use every day.

I drew a blank. I found this incredibly frustrating, as I’m sure the product I’m looking for exists out there somewhere! I ended up designing my dream train case, and now I’m wondering if there is anyone I could commission to make it for me, and how much it would cost....

Basically it would be a big trolley case, but instead of having stacking sections like most train cases seem to have, it would open out to reveal drawers.

The drawers would be divided up in different ways....

I'm well aware of how sad this makes me look! I'm hoping my fellow beauty addicts will understand!
Having designed this, I now NEED it in my life!! Does anyone know of a similar product?

Having googled around a bit, I've found a few cases that would work, but none of them are availible to me in the UK *sadface*

The Muriel Location Station is perfection, but only availble to you lucky Aussies! you can find it here

It goes from looking like this, to....

THIS object of ridiculous beauty!

I also found this beauty, but the website didnt show prices or how/where to buy!

How do you store your makeup??

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