Saturday, 29 September 2012

Reasons Why I'm A Terrible Blogger....

Hey guys and dolls, I'm really sorry about the loack of posts here at present, but to give you all a rather crappy schoolboy type excuse, I've just moved house and I don't have any internet! I'm posting this by tethering my phone, which is probably costing me and absolute fortune and there is definitely no possibility of me uploading pictures as it would just use up too much of my data allowance. At present I don't actually know when I will be back online, it was meant to be about 24 hours ago at the lastest, but it hasn't really worked out and BT/TalkTalk have no idea when it will be sorted, which is driving me insane. What I'm planning to do is get some posts typed up on my ipad and just upload in bulk when I'm at uni using the Wi-fi there, but I wont be able to schedule so apologies for that!

Hopefully this will all be sorted soon and I'll be back to my regular 3 times per week posting schedule. Until then, sorry for the inconvenience guys!

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