Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No longer a MAC virgin!

hey girls!

lat week i made a little trek to the MAC store in Westfield Stratford city, and this is what i came away with. i haven't actually had anything from MAC before, (post detailing how  NEARLY but not quite got my hands on some here) thankfully this time i basically avoided the staff and looked after myself, though they did seem freindlier than on my previous experience!

there was a half hour wait for a consultation, so based on what i've heard on youtube and what i liked the look of, i chose on my own.

in all of it's packaging...

out of its packaging...

the first thing i got was Rubenesque paint pot, which i'm completely in love with. it's such a beautiful colour, and look great on the lid with a bit of matte brown in the crease. this picture doesn't really do it justice, it really is lovely, and if you havent seen it in person, i'd reccomend giving it a swatch next time you're at a MAC counter. it lasts all day (and then some) as well and doesn't crease at all, which is great for a cream product.

next up i got a small duo fibre 188 brush. i actually meant to pick up a 130 brush, which is shorter, like a mini kabuki, and the white fibres stick out much less, but having got this home and used it, i'm glad i went for this one. i've been using it for cream blushes mainly, but i have also used it for foundation, which it's brilliant for, though it's more time consuming than using my trusty ecotools duo fibre kabuki brush.

the last thing i got was a MAC brush cleanser. this was something of an impulse buy, the lay at the checkout sad i should get some to go with my brush, and normally that wouldn'ttempt me in the slightest, but for some reason, this time it did! it wasn't too expensive and i was previously using baby shampoo as brush cleaner, so i decided i should get some proper stuff!

i have used it a few times now and i like it, much simpler than having to deep clean every time!!

what were the first things you got from MAC? xxx

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