Friday, 25 November 2011

MAC Fluidline, I love you!

hey girls! first off i just want to say i'm really sorry ive been such a bad blogger recently, i've had so much work to do for Uni and i've been trying really hard to do that and not get distracted. anyway, ive got a couple of days break from deadlines so i thought i'd tell you baout something i'm LOVING right now, which is MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack.

i was previously using Sleek ink pot gel liner (here) which i think is great for a high street brand but i was finding that it wasn't quite soft enough for me, so i was finding it hard to draw the lines at the thickness i wanted. the sleek liner is definitely better value than the MAC one, it costs just £4.30, while a MAC fluidline will set you back an impressive £13.50 (here).

the ink pot it somewhat harder, so you have to work your brush into it untill it becomes shiny to use it. this could be better for beginners as it doesnt transfer onto your eyelid as easily, so if you touch the wrong part by mistake, it isn't usually too much of a problem.

Sleek on the left, MAC on the right. if you enlarge the picture you can see that the MAC liner is shinier and generally 'wetter' than the Sleek liner.

above is Sleek on the left and MAC on the right again, one swipe with my finger in the pot, and one on my hand, and then one swipe with a brush. you can see that the MAC liner fills in the lines on my skin better, as its wetter, and it also blends more easily.
some pictures of me wearing MAC fluidline. taken without mascara. i just find it goes on SO easliy, i really think it's worth the money. though i would advise trying a cheaper gel lner first, to see if you get on with gel/cream liners in general

Have YOU tried either of these liners? do you like gel liner in general?

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