Friday, 20 May 2011

New lip colours/Swatches!

i have been looking for a rose gold lipstick for SO LONG and the other day i was in superdrug, looking at the NYC stand and i found exactly that! and they were 3 for 2, so i couldnt resist getting 3! the formula is quite nice, but i'm not a fan of the packaging, i feel that the clear lids look a bit tacky.

(click to enlarge)
i also picked up 2 more of the sleek true colour lipsticks, which are a long time fave of mine, and have beautiful NARS-esque packaging!

as you can see, i mainly gravitate towards nude (not concealer, 'my lips but better') shades, but its a habit i'm trying to break!!

what do YOU think of nude lipsticks? will you be trying any of these?

Lucy xxx


  1. Those are all so pretty, I like nude lippies as long as they're not concealer nude. :)

  2. i definitely agree! i bought one by barry M called 'marshmallow' and it looks ok in the tube, but on the lips it just looks so wierd and concealer-like!