Friday, 20 May 2011

Body Chain Jewelry

hey guys! i recently discovered American brand, Armor Jewelry, and i fell in love with their designs.

the only problem is that a) they are an american company so getting anything delivered here would be costly, if even possible, and b) they are waaaay out of my price range.

so, taking inspiration from this deisgn
and this project on cut out and keep, i bought this nacklace from Ann Summers to make my on version.

it didn't take me too long, and cost about £10 in total because i actually bought the necklace on ebay, not directly from ann summers. i don't know how i feel about the back of it, and i may change it later, but i am really pleased with the overall effect, and i plan to make a few more ites inspitred by armor's collection

side view:
and a back view. most of you won't know this abou me, but i actually have a scoliosis, whihc means that my spine is curved into an S shape, which makes my shoulders uneven. i hate how much it shows in these pictures, but i dont often look at my back, so i geuss i'm not used to seeing what it relly looks like!

what do you think? do you like Armor jewelry? What do you think of body chains in general?

Lucy, xx

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