Monday, 30 May 2011

I'm Gonna be a Grown Up So I'll...Go Gothic?

hey ladies!

it's my 18th birthday on friday (i dont know how important 18 is in the states, but in the UK its the big one, 21 doesnt really mean anything here), and i'm going out in Camden town with my sisters and a couple of friends.

as far as i know anything goes in Camden, and you'll find people from every walk of life, but i was thinking of a slightly vampy gothic look. i'm planning on wearing a cream tiered lace dress, and this is a look i hope will look good with it...

so this is the look, its basically a cool complexion, (using my trusty white foundation cream from Barry M), with heavy winged liner and a very strong dark berry lip. i'm normally terrified of strong lips, so this is a bit of a venture for me!

so basically, i'm posting this because i'm not sure. opinions?? help!

Lucy xx

1 comment:

  1. What I think would look really nice is if you did winger black liner & red lips, it's classic & I'm sure it'd look lovely. :)

    Happy Early Birthday!