Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Back to Britain Haul!

Since getting back to blighty on friday, there have been things that I have needed desperately, either because I took them to Uganda with me and left them behind, or because I finished the up before I left. Yesterday was the first time I had been able to get to the shops just for general shopping, and there were quite a few things that caught my eye, so I thought I'd do a haul!

The first place I stopped was Superdrug, where I picked up some oh-so-interesting tweezers, makeup wipes, and eyelash curlers. The eyelash curlers I'm ulikely to even use, I love my NYC eyelash curlers, but when the little rubber pads get worn out I generally just go and buy a cheap new one, whichever comes with the most spare pads! this one comes with 3, so thats why I chose it. The wipes are my usual Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover wipes, which are really soft and don't scratch my eyes like other brands seem to.

Next I headed over to boots, where I spotted 17 Colour Switch nail polish, which I was really intrigued by, so naturally I had to buy one! I also saw that Barry M seems to be doing a version of this too, but I chose the 17 one mainly because I liked the colour (Imaginitively named Silver) better. 17 had one of their free gift pack offers on too, if you spent over £5.99. I wasn't planning on doing so, but then I remembered that I could do with a plain boring clear lipgloss. I picked up what I THOUGHT was a lipgloss, but when I got home it turned out I picked up lash and brow gel instead! D'oh!

Although I wasn't tempted by Barry M's Chameleon polish, I DID notice that they had a couple of new glitters, which I was very interested in! I got Silver Multi Glitter and Aqua Glitter, which are both gorgeous!

Because I spent over £5.99 on 17 cosmetics, I also got a Get Bronzed set, containing In the Nude lipgloss, Statuesque eyeshadow, and Creamy Bronzed cream blush.

Lastly I skipped off to The Body Shop, mainly because I needed shower gel and moisturizer, which was sold out all over the country and online just before I left for Uganda.

I actually got some really good deals, I got my shower gel at buy one get one half price, the had the moisturizer in stock (winner, even if i didn't save any money!)  and as my Love Your Body membership had run out while I was away, meaning that I also missed my birhday gift voucher worth £5, the lady behind the counter was really lovely, renewing it for free, and then giving me a £5 voucher because I had enough stamps on my old card.

The RRPs of each item are; Hemp hand protector, £5. Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, £9, Shower gel/cream, £4. so with all of that and my new love your body card it should have come to £27, but with all the deductions it only came to £13! bargain!

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