Friday, 1 June 2012

Selfridges Big Beauty Bang Event

Last night my friend Leonie and I headed out to a beauty event at Selfridges Oxford St. They are having a whole series of events collectively called 'The Big British Bang' to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and last night was the opening night of the beauty event.

We bought tickets the previous week when we were shopping in the beauty hall, which cost £10 but is redeemable against purchase on the night. The reason I'm telling you all about this now is because there is another big event on the 7th of June, and I highly reccomend you get tickets if you can! Essentially it's a free event as you can claim your £10 back, and there were plenty of goodies to sample, from free champagne to jelly beans and of course, beauty samples.

Upon arrival we were provided with big yellow rosettes to wear so that the staff on the counters knew that we were part of the event, and that they should shower us with gifts! I'm exagerating a little, but there really were lots of things going on, and people without tickets were gutted that they werent allowed to join in with any of the festivities.

I spent quite a lot of time at the Illamaqua counter where the artist created a really amazing eye look for me, and I bought the palette that he had used, redeeming my £10 ticket cost at the same time.

Unfortunately not the best photo, Taken a few hours later when I got home, as my compact camera that I took with me really wasn't standing up to the low light conditions, but the look really was beautiful.

Leonie getting her eye-makeup done at NARS

NARS cupcakes!

Trying Chubby Sticks at Clinique
One bottle of champagne is never enough!
Leonie getting her eyes re-done at Bobbi Brown
There were also a few performers laid on at the event. The first and most obvious was a brilliant drag artist who was dressed as Mary Portas. He was really very convincing! He seemed to be 'master of ceremonies' and also had a photo area where you could dress up as the queen and have your photo taken. We obviously couldnt pass up this opportunity, but Leonie has the photo and I wanted this to go out as soon as possible, so I can't post it here! There was also a performance by Marawa The Amazing who appeared on Britain's Got Talent 2011, I believe she reached the semi-finals. Anyway, she was very entertaining! Sorry again about the photo quality!

Lastly, they had a 'grabber' machine, like you get in amusement arcades. It was filled with iconic yellow selfridges bags, which contained various (unseen) beauty products. If you spent over £60 on the night, you got to have a go. Leonie and I spent £60 between us, so we pretended that I had bought both of our shopping and they let me go without a problem, so definitely team up with people! Also, I reccomend going at the end of the event, as the guy running it was just picking out bags for people who didnt manage to grab one as the event was ending soon, and they certainly weren't doing that at the beginning of the night! I actually did manage to grab one and it contained Shu Uemura UV Underbase BB Mousse, which is worth £29 and is absolutely brilliant!

Would you go to an event like this?

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