Thursday, 10 January 2013

When did ELF get more expensive than MAC?!

Just a very quick post and I'm so sorry about my crap blogger status having neglected my readership for months. ANYWAY, something has really got me annoyed so I wanted to take to my blog for a little bit of rantage!

I wanted to buy some daily brush cleanser for work because they never clean their brushes and use them on different people which I personally find pretty gross. So, I went onto ELF's website thinking they would be the cheapest, and MAC being the only other user friendly brush cleanser out there that I know of. On the website I find that their brush cleanser is £3.75, much cheaper than MAC at £9.50.

But then I realised that the bottle is TINY, at only 60ml, meaning it costs 62.5p per 10ml. MAC on the other hand wieghs in at 235ml per bottle, which is under 40.5p per 10ml.

ELF is supposed to be a budget brand and for that I generally expect lower quality. If their bprices are actually highr than MAC, we should be expecting a lot more! Sort it out ELF!

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