Sunday, 15 January 2012

MAC Lipstick; My Thoughts

hey girls! it may surprise you, but I actually only own one lipstick from MAC, and it's a fairly recent purchase. I find that you never really see reviews of MAC products, they are just regarded as fantastic because it's MAC. so today i'm going to give my opinion on the lipstick that i have, which is 'Girl about Town'.

ok, so first, the packaging. i personally don't love MAC packaging for powdered products, but I think they are spot on with their lipsticks. the smooth balck bullet shape is very tactile, and it has a nice wieght to it so it doesn't feel at all cheap.

the colour range is obviously enormous, which is great if you're a bit of a fanatic like me, but even I find it intimidating and overwhelming sometimes, which is probably why i don't have more of these. the formula is lovely, creamy, non-drying and smooth. the colour lasts a long time and fades evenly.

that brings me onto the scent. Most of you don't know this about me, but i work as a carer for a boy with cerebral palsy called Jack. Jack can't speak or eat, and he gets food via a tube that feeds directly into his stomach. the food is a powder that gets mixed with water to make a milkshake like substance. this stuff, complete feed, smells exactly like MAC lipsticks, and i really stuggle to get past it. obviously, this is only a problem for me personally, if you've never been anywhere near complete feed then you wont associate it with that, but to me, thats what it smells like!!

overall, i think they are nice, a great little luxury, but i dont know if i would buy many more, purely because of the smell. i LOVE this colour, but i have the almost exact same colour in the sleek pout paint in port, which is half the price, and is virtually unscented. they are a bit pricey at £13.50, but they don't break the bank.

the final word? nice, but overrated.

What do YOU think of MAC lipsticks?


  1. i don't own any mac lipsticks, but that is strange that it smells like that! personally, smell of products is very important to me too. i can't stand certain smells.

  2. really great overall review :)

    i agree that the packaging is spot on, but the color choices can be intimidating sometimes :)

    What I do is go to the counter and if I keep picking up the same color twice or more I know I love it :)

  3. That colour is gorgeous! I only own two myself, and I don't think they're worth the money just because you can find equally as good lippies at the drugstore.

    1. i totally agree, i would much prefer to go to boots and buy a drugstore lipstick, which are honestly just as good!