Monday, 5 September 2011

explaining my absence and FOTD

hey lovely ladies!!

as previously mentioned i have been away travelling which is why my beauty blog hasn't seen any action at all for the past 2 months, but i'm back now and i plan to be blogging as usual, though there may be some slight interruptions as i'm starting uni next week, so there will be plenty to distract me! i wanted to share with you a couple of photo's from my trip and also (just to make it beuaty related!) to do a quick EOTD as well. i pruchased the MUA pro heaven and earth palette after seeing it on Fleur's blog, and i used it to create this look. it really is a beautiful palette and she was comparing it to the naked palette which i dont own so i can't comment but it is certainly very nice.

as always i had trouble photographing this look but i did my best, so please be kind about it! i am planning to get some help with my photography (ie, get someone to take pictures of my face for me) when i go to uni, but when i'm at home there is never anyone around to help me, so i have to try and take pictures on my own. product photography isnt a problem for me, but for F/EOTD's i really need someone to shoot for me.

face: barry m foundation cream in white, bobbi brown foundation in porcelain, ruby and millie blush stick (sorry i dont know the shade!!)

eyes: MUA pro heaven and earth palette, max factor liquid effect pencil in black, max factor false lash effect mascara fusion in black

lips: collection 2000 cream puff lip creme in Angel delight

just to finish, i want to show you some snaps of my trip! i was volunteering in a school, so working with kids every day, but i did take a little bit of time out to go on a gorilla safari and white water rafting on the nile!!

this is one of my best gorilla shots. we were standing only about 3 metres from this guy, and he was a big silverback male. gorilla tracking was the most amazing thing i've ever done, and so worth the effort of getting there!

this picture was taken at summer camp when the summer holidays had started. it's illegal to educate the children in the holidays so we were restricted to purely fun activities, which included face painting!!

i hope you've all had great summers, have YOU been away anywhere?

love, lucy xxx

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